What We Do

The Welcome Home Group provides a modern way for veterans and military spouses to present themselves to employers seeking to hire them. We have brought the standard paper resume into the 21st century and made it digital. We give veterans and military spouses  an opportunity to showcase their experience in a way that paper just can’t do.

How We Do It

Our service uses a virtual platform which allows us to connect with veterans and military spouses across the country with ease and provides those we work with the ability to access our resume’ service from the comfort of their own home.  We have created an Interactive Resume that makes sense in todays world. We provide images, downloadable files and hyperlinks that are available to the employer; all very distinct advantages that current systems can’t address.

Why We Do It

Veterans and their families deserve a better option. We have addressed that challenge and created a solution that works extremely well. The mission of TWHG has been to work with motivated veterans and military spouses in order to reduce the rate of unemployment and underemployment. We envision a nation that supports it veterans and their spouses, and wants them to succeed. This has been our vision since 2012 when we first started.


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Who We Are

The Welcome Home Group provides its Interactive Resume service to American veterans and military spouses, wherever they are located. Through our virtual program, our clients can access our team through telephone, email or video-conference software such as Zoom or Skype. The only equipment needed is a computer, an internet connection, and a phone. Participants are expected to have basic to mid-range computer skills in order to use our services. Our team is happy to work with participants to develop their resume, however, it is a team effort and the client MUST be proactive in assisting their coach. Our team is experienced in working with veterans/spouses to prepare a more effective resume that corporate recruiters and hiring managers will want to view. Our state-of-the-art interactive resume gives the person viewing your resume a more comprehensive view of you, your experience, your education, and your character. Standard paper resumes cant showcase you like our popular web-based, interactive resume can.

I really think this is a great program for veterans coming back. It prepares them for interviews and helps them to start getting out there. You just have to put in the effort to do it. Everybody in the Welcome Home organization was awesome!

Roberto A.NameUnited States Marines

Well this program made me realize that there is a lot of potential that I can provide to the job market. Also with having someone there guiding me made it easier for me to find a job and become more prepared for that interview process of any position.

Steven P.National Guard

An amazing process. I absolutely loved that this process was all technology-based, especially communicating with the career coach, who was equally amazing. The convenience of the online process has been phenomenal.

Monica W.United States Navy

A great tool for veterans and their family. I am proud to have them as one of my tools.

Michael T.United States Navy

This program is outstanding!! The best part is that you are connected to a career coach who reviews and helps you update your resume. The mock interview via Skype teaches you the correct way to respond to those challenging interview questions that lead YOU to get the position.

Lynn B.Military Spouse

The TWHG program definitely helped me out in solidifying my resume and getting some one-to-one instruction on interviewing. My career coach was very knowledgeable and genuinely seemed interested in my success; I appreciate his assistance. This great experience provided me with so much confidence.

Alexis G.United States Army

TWHG is a group of very kind volunteers who work hard to help Veterans find jobs that are right for them. They help create a great resume, prepare you for the interviews and then provide leads for you. TWHG is a great group helping Veterans without all the nonsense found in other Veteran job programs.

Anthony A.United States Marines

The Welcome Home Group has been a great experience for me. I appreciate the efforts of my Career Coach. The mock interview was one of the best aspects of the program since it provided me with immediate, candid feedback regarding my interview performance.

David C.United States Coast Guard