Success isn't always about greatness. It's about consistency. Consistent hard work leads to success. Greatness will come.

~ Dwayne Johnson




After the Client completes the resume portion of the Employment program they will receive a call from their Career Coach. This initial call with the client is made for a couple of reasons. First, the Career Coach wants to determine if their client can comfortably communicate their resume information. This is often overlooked. It is important that the Client can speak about the information on their Resume without having to refer to it. This would be frowned on if done in the midst of an interview. Additionally, the Career Coach will ask if their Client has an upcoming interviews, review their Clients interview history, discuss any concerns they may have about interviewing and review various tips and strategies for successful interviewing. The goal is to provide the Client with tools they can use and the guidance they will need to confidently interview for any position. After this review the Career Coach will then schedule the mock interview. This helps to familiarize the Client with the interview process, itself. The mock interview consists of basic interview questions as well as those that have been identified and recommended for specific content and personality traits.  

During the mock interview we ask that the Career Coach pay close attention to their Clients ability to stay on topic, their responses and their ability to ask and respond to questions. Additionally, we ask that they pay close attention to non-verbal types of communication, such as body language posture, facial expressions and eye contact.After the mock interview has been completed the Career Coach will then provide constructive feedback. If the Client has had any difficulty with any portion of the interview, the Career Coach will offer assistance in polishing those parts of the interview and/or will make suggestions for alternative types of response to those questions. We also encourage the Client to openly discuss with their Career Coach any part of the interview they may have felt uncomfortable with so that a dialogue can take place that will help the Client to become more confident.

Once the Career Coach is satisfied that their Client has grasped the concepts reviewed for interviewing and they have verified that their Client feels secure in the skills provided and don’t feel they want or need to do another mock interview, the Career Coach will go over any followup questions and provide interview helpful hints for the Client to keep. The Client will then move on to work with our Employment Services Division. In addition, the Career Coach will reach out one week later to see if the Client would like to go over any of the interviewing techniques explored along with whether they have any further questions. The Career Coach will also let their Client know that should they ever have any additional questions they only need to send an email to schedule some time to review.

Confidence, Courage, Self-Assurance, Integrity and belief.
These are a few of the strengths we teach and assist our clients in developing in our interview training.