Janna Nachamkin’s family background instilled in her with great respect for the military and service to country. Her father served in the United States Marine Corps during the Korean conflict, her brother volunteered for the USMC and currently her cousin is a Major in the United State Air Force.

Janna is originally from NY where she spent several years working in Architectural Drafting and Management.  For over 10 years she simultaneously helped run a Pro-Am Volleyball series that saw some of its players reach the Olympics. She also worked for several years in the non profit sector as an advocate for the Mental Health Association of Nassau County and volunteered on multiple committees. As a volunteer with members of the New York City Fire Department, Janna’s responsibilities were helping to organize events and raise funds for fallen heroes.

Janna has always been one to give back. She has received much satisfaction from helping the Veteran community and this endeavor has rewarded her with a sense of purpose and patriotism.  Her collaboration with Joe Corsino as Co-Founder of Welcome Home Resumes has been an amazing journey. In order to answer the question: “How can we help our Veterans?” Janna and Joe embarked on a quest to research the issue, understand the challenges of transitioning into civilian life and identify the areas of opportunity.  This knowledge and understanding has resulted in the creation of a real and innovative solution to serve those who are and have already served.