Joseph Corsino founded The Welcome Home Group in 2010 after 2 years of research on Veteran Unemployment. As a former employee of Apple Computer, Thinking outside of the box was a very common way of doing things. Bringing a high level of innovation with a strong passion for our veterans into a common-sense program, Joseph has managed to develop a program that has attained an unheard of success rate amongst veterans and their family.

Joseph, who comes from a military family, met with a group of homeless veterans on the street in Miami, Fl. After hearing their story and listening to the challenges they faced such as not being able to find work, little to no assistance from the VA programs and a lot of frustration, he decided to take a look at the issue.  While speaking with veterans from across the United States through Social Media and various trips to meet with military families, he identified a serious need for a program that wasn’t “Typical” but unique. A program that would have multiple advantages. What was most shocking was the fact that current programs are using methods dating back hundreds of years. 

“We live in a world of technology, where everyone has a cell phone or tablet in their possession most of the day. We need to harness the technology that is available to everyone and use it to our advantage so everyone has the ability to get in front of those who want to employ them”.

If we are going to solve the unemployment issue facing our veterans AND their family, we need to do two things” first, we need to implement a program which better prepares veterans to approach companies who want to hire them and to take personal responsibility for their job search and Second, we need to work with the companies that want to hire veterans to better prepare them to employ the men and women who have served and take responsibility of their commitment to hire veterans. Only when both sides are doing their part completely will the process work and will we solve a nations crisis.