Great things in business are never done by one person. They're done by a team of great people.

~ Steve Jobs


The ENTIRE staff, including the Board of Directors and the Founders are Non-Paid Volunteers.
No-One receives any compensation for their roles in the organization!



Alana H. - H.R. Director
Ally M. - Volunteer Coordinator
Stephanie W. - Career Coach Manager
Jill Z. - Career Coach Manager

Career Coaches

Cori S. - Career Coach
Vanessa M. - Career Coach
Laura B. - Career Coach
Harvey R. - Career Coach
Christy B. - Career Coach
Jim M. - Career Coach
Darnelle D. - Career Coach
Mieka B. - Career Coach

Supportive Services

Yan D. - Career Assessment
Cole W. - Design/Graphics
Angeleke S. - Client Followup
Audrey P. - Employment Matching
Valeria S. - Employment Matching
Sandra R. - Document Revisions
Sarah E. - Recruitment / Training
Laura G. - Grant writing
Carrie G. - Community Outreach
Joshua H. - Community Outreach
Heather T. - Policies/Procedures
James S. - Volunteer Relations
John S. - IT Services
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