In action, a great heart is a chief qualification. In work, a great head.

During the research stage of our program development, we uncovered many underlying issues that contributed to veterans being unemployed. Many were very commonly known and some were not. One of the most common challenges we were presented with while interviewing both companies and veterans was frustration, click here to read more about dealing with frustration. 

For that reason, we have put in place a qualification process for both veterans and the companies we partner with to ensure that both are performing at peak levels when working with each other. In this program, our interest is the successful employment of veterans and their families, and to ensure we can achieve this we must be certain both sides are working in a way that will allow this. Sounds crazy right? Well, in our minds it is the only way. 

So, how do we qualify?

Below is an overview of the methods we use to make sure those we work with areas focused on the success of the program as we are.

Qualifying Veterans

Everyone who chooses to participate in our program, whether a veteran or one of their family members must complete a Roll-Call form. This form is designed to identify those who are serious about their employment search. The form sets the expectations of both the client and the program. The veteran/family member knows exactly what is expected of them during the program and it also sets their expectation of what the program will provide to them.

The client confirms the following prior to being allowed in the program:

  • They understand the program is a 30-day program
  • They agree to take the behavioral assessment 
  • They agree to take personal responsibility for their success
  • They have the time to complete the program within the 30 days
  • They will be responsive to their career coach
  • They will notify their coach if they can’t make a scheduled appointment
  • They understand that if they don’t meet the above requirements, they will be removed from the program

Qualifying Corporate Partners

In our effort to bring companies together with the veterans they want to hire, we have created a process that works to make the experience the best possible option for both. All companies that want to partner with The Welcome Home Group must meet our guidelines in order to access our system. 

Companies must adhere to the following terms:

  • They agree to utilize our Interactive Resume
  • They agree to process TWHG client resumes with priority
  • They agree to be responsive to TWHG applications
  • They agree to respond to TWHG applicants regardless of wether or not they are hired
  • They agree to keep their job opening updated to eliminate frustration when searching