A good mattress and fit will help your family sleep better and deeper. However, not all of us can choose a good mattress for your family. The longer you do not know the sign is about how to choose the best mattress and best fit for your family, then refer it to this article!

There some rules for you when choosing a mattress, special the best-rated mattress, you can really and choose for your house.

Select the appropriate buffer size bed and bedroom house

Before you buy you should make sure your buffer used it to put on the bed or placed directly on the floor, was accompanying your parents bedroom, children’s room or guest rooms … What kind of cushion with common standard size on the market today are: 2.0mx 2.2m, 1.8m x 2m, 1.6mx 2m, 1.5mx 1.9M, 1.2mx 2m …

Select the buffer based on comfort level

Each type of cushion we provide the best support for your back and spine, read more about your spine health at The difference is mainly in surface cushions or comfort level of buffer. You should make sure you want to use any kind of cushion, then choose styling products …

When choosing a mattress do not forget to pay attention to the height and weight of your body

The memo height and weight is very important when choosing a padded cushion Together, whose tall figure may find it softer appearance than the small or medium.

Consider carefully when choosing mattresses, if you have back pain


Before going to buy mattresses, you should keep in mind the recommendations of the doctors. The expert’s advice will help you choose mattress is the most suitable cushion, improve the condition of your back pain. You can also check online the various features of different mattresses that companies advertise through digital marketing.  

Do not forget to answer the question: “if you lie in the bed?”

Sleeping posture can affect your sense of hardness, softness of the cushions. Typically, people sleep on soft cushions tend to choose more. Meanwhile, people with sleep posture is straight prefer stiffer buffer.

Make sure the funding package you can spend.

Do not forget that you take 1/3 time to sleep in my entire life. Please consider carefully before deciding which investments to buy the best mattress your financial ability. To get your day truly effective, you do not sleep enough, but just need sleep.

It is reported that climate of the tropical climate, high humidity and the environment

conducive to the generation of mold and insect proliferation, especially in the rainy season, special in  winter.

As seen, the springs mattresses are one of the very popular product. It has many advantages as well as a separate point for the entire family help you with comfortable sleep and relaxation after a hard working day.

Criteria to consider when selecting the mattress

It is reported that climate in some country with the tropical climate, high humidity and the environment, it is conducive to the generation of mold and insect proliferation, especially in the rainy season or winter in many areas lack regular sunlight as the bedroom, bed, closet, corner … also more risk of mold and bacteria if not cleaned. So with regular and proper sanitation, the hygiene in the buffer seems to have many problems.

Concern for buffering directly affect health sleep all family members.

This makes women more busy family. Many recommendations for safe handling and sanitary cushion given. Even the bed sheets were cleaned regularly but the cushion usually still have the ability to absorb odors and maintain plaque dirty.

Therefore, women have more of an unnamed family member.

Spring mattress will brings good sleep for you

Buffer springs resistant bacteria already on the market, saving time and effort the woman and bring all members of the family sleep.

This cushions is soft, elastic best in all kinds of springs divided mattress. It is divided into 2 categories: pocket springs (springs each wrapped in cloth bags separate 1) and spring links.

Mattress with high durability, low vibration and children. Currently springs, mattress is pharmaceutical rubber lining, laminated cotton, coir.

3-5 cm thick or sponges to create stiffness and flat lying, is widely favored as well

is the best choice for all the family.



Innovation comes out of great human ingenuity and very personal passions

veterans need a better tool to give them an advantage when seeking employment. Faced with the difficult task of “selling” themselves to civilian employers, We have developed a tool as part of our Interactive Employment Program which, unlike any other, does just that… Gives the veteran a very distinct advantage. See for yourself below.

Our clients are able to present themselves to employers using 21st-century technology, in a way that just makes sense. Images, audio, downloadable files and hyperlinks are all available to the employer. Using standardized technology, which means there is no special software needed, no need for a dedicated support team and more importantly, no added cost to the employer.

All very distinct advantages that the current systems can’t address. The veterans and their families deserve a better option. We have addressed that challenge and created a solution that works extremely well.



Customers may forget what you said, but they’ll never forget how you made them feel

The success of our clients only starts when they complete our program. Keeping them engaged with their goals and making sure they have access to the assistance they need is where the pieces of the puzzle come together. We focus on long-term success with our clients and it shows in our success rate.

Each client that completes our program has the benefit of accessing the following programs as long as they need them…forever!

  •  Employment Matching
  •  Retraining
  •  Mentoring clients in the program

Employment Matching

When a veteran/family member completes the resume development and interview training portion of our Interactive Employment Program (IEP) they are moved into employment matching. The focus of this division is to work closely with the client on securing employment using the skills and knowledge they have gained from the program. Having someone working with them on this portion of the program allows them to step out and do what is needed while knowing that we have their back if they need us. The IEP offers not only an employment solution but a level of support that they just dont receive in other employment programs today.


Any veteran/family member that completes our Interactive Employment Program can come back through the program if they feel they need a refresher or feels they could benefit from some additional advice. As a program graduate they have access to us as long as they need it.


As a graduate of our Interactive Employment Program, veterans/family members have the ability to come back and mentor new veterans/family members who are going through our program to offer advice, and direction in addition to that being offered by their career coach. Sometimes talking with someone who has been through what they are going through makes the program even better.



In action, a great heart is a chief qualification. In work, a great head.

During the research stage of our program development, we uncovered many underlying issues that contributed to veterans being unemployed. Many were very commonly known and some were not. One of the most common challenges we were presented with while interviewing both companies and veterans was frustration, click here to read more about dealing with frustration. 

For that reason, we have put in place a qualification process for both veterans and the companies we partner with to ensure that both are performing at peak levels when working with each other. In this program, our interest is the successful employment of veterans and their families, and to ensure we can achieve this we must be certain both sides are working in a way that will allow this. Sounds crazy right? Well, in our minds it is the only way. 

So, how do we qualify?

Below is an overview of the methods we use to make sure those we work with areas focused on the success of the program as we are.

Qualifying Veterans

Everyone who chooses to participate in our program, whether a veteran or one of their family members must complete a Roll-Call form. This form is designed to identify those who are serious about their employment search. The form sets the expectations of both the client and the program. The veteran/family member knows exactly what is expected of them during the program and it also sets their expectation of what the program will provide to them.

The client confirms the following prior to being allowed in the program:

  • They understand the program is a 30-day program
  • They agree to take the behavioral assessment 
  • They agree to take personal responsibility for their success
  • They have the time to complete the program within the 30 days
  • They will be responsive to their career coach
  • They will notify their coach if they can’t make a scheduled appointment
  • They understand that if they don’t meet the above requirements, they will be removed from the program

Qualifying Corporate Partners

In our effort to bring companies together with the veterans they want to hire, we have created a process that works to make the experience the best possible option for both. All companies that want to partner with The Welcome Home Group must meet our guidelines in order to access our system. 

Companies must adhere to the following terms:

  • They agree to utilize our Interactive Resume
  • They agree to process TWHG client resumes with priority
  • They agree to be responsive to TWHG applications
  • They agree to respond to TWHG applicants regardless of wether or not they are hired
  • They agree to keep their job opening updated to eliminate frustration when searching



Refrigerator first become mass-produced and put in commerce only until the mid-1940s but only after few decades, it’s hard to imagine our kitchen these days without it. Thanks to the refrigerator, we can eat fresh food every day and keep what we cook for a longer time. The refrigerators have more convenient, efficient with various models and sizes.

Even a lifespan of a refrigerator can be quite long, the experts advise us to replace it when it becomes too small, noisy, and frosty and consumes too much electric. New models of refrigerators can solve nearly all these problems. They have become almost frost-free, quiet, energy-efficient with many more features, like refrigerator types and sizes. The issue now is how to choose the best refrigerator for our house.

As the refrigerator works 24/7 and contributes a big part of your electric bill, it’s wise to purchase the most energy-efficient one, which can save a lot of money for you a lot in a long term. However, it’s not always the case that you have to buy the most expensive one at the store.

The experts have given us some tips to choose your best refrigerator:

  1. Energy Efficiency: Look for the Energy Star label or any similar label on any refrigerator you are considering to see if it meets the strict rules of environment-friendliness and energy savings decided by the authorities of each country. Then look for the kilowatts per year consumed by the refrigerator to figure out how much it will cost to run.
  2. Size: Don’t choose the refrigerator which is smaller or larger than you need. It’s obvious that the bigger the refrigerator, the more energy it needs to cool. In reverse, a small refrigerator will have to overwork in case that the storage is over its size. It requires more energy and reduces the lifespan of the refrigerator. Based on a daily basis and some presumed exceptional circumstances, you can estimate the storage capacity you need. Refrigerator storage capacity runs from about 16 to 32 cubic feet but you should reduce as much as 35 percent as actual usable capacity due to shelves and hardware.

A general formula to calculate the storage of a refrigerator is: two persons need at least 10 cubic feet of space (not including the freezer). Add 1 ½ more cubic feet per additional family member. An 18-22 cubic feet refrigerator is considered suitable for couples or small families.

  1. Type: Two most common types are free standing two-door and side-by-side.
  • Free standing two-door includes two styles: top-mount unit (the freezer on top) and bottom-mount unit the freezer at the bottom. Top-mount unit is the most classic style but we have to awkwardly bend down to take things from the bottom shelves of the refrigerator. Sometimes the things get lost in the back since the vision is blocked. The freezer is easier to access while the most used are the refrigerator indeed. That’s the reason why it is gradually replaced by the bottom-mount unit which is designed as the drawer that slides out for easy access, more space and comfort, eye-level height.
  • Side-by-side model offer convenient access to both refrigerator and freezer and a plus in term of appearance. However it is hard to find a good balance of space between refrigerator and freezer. The freezer is often designed to be smaller than the refrigerator but then it’ll be difficult to put in a large thing in case of too narrow space. It also takes more energy to freeze due to its tall.
  1. Space: The space where the refrigerator will be put in is the key to decide which type is your better choice. Be sure to measure how much the space you have, including the space required itself and when the doors open. You also should have a little space at top and side for the appliance.
  2. Appearance: For aesthetic purpose, the refrigerator should bend well with your kitchen. In terms of color, mostly black, white, almond, sometimes red. Besides, a stainless-steel one looks more modern and professional. However fingerprints and smudges are easily to be left on. Some manufacturers now offer faux stainless-steel which is easier to clean and at a lower cost.
  3. Electric system: The refrigerator is one of the most important electric appliances in our house, you should be sure to check your electrical system in the kitchen can afford it along with these following points:
  • Electrical outlet: the outlet must be reach of line cord.
  • Voltage: 110V system is still be applied in some countries
  1. Warranty: A good warranty from a reputed manufacturer with a wide network of agencies is a good choice.
  2. Other features: Refrigerator models come up with various other features such as: indoor ice-and-water dispenser, glide-out baskets and shelves, humidity controls for vegetable storage area…
  3. Online purchase: You can consult the price and the information at the store or online. Sometimes there’re good sale-offs online. The comments and reviews online may help you a lot to choose the best refrigerator