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Afraid of Bird Flu it is coming you know and could kill 100 worldwide? Are you worried about bank robbers like Bonnie and Clyde?

International Terrorists are coming to get your family and You? Are you afraid of lions escaping from the Zoo?

Fear the Comet that will soon hit the Earth? Are you afraid of the coming of Satan, it could well be the next birth.

Totally annihilation and Nuclear War coming soon. Are you afraid of the Tropical Hurricane Season staring early in mid-June?

Are you in totally in dismay of the Santa Clause virus worm, which might ruin your day? Homophobic and worried your kids will grow up to be Gay?

One traffic accident could end your life? Aren’t you afraid of the mailman sleeping with your soul mate and wife?

Are you concerned you could lose your job tomorrow? What if they foreclose on your house and you are in a World of sorrow? Click here to see the answer.

Are you concerned that when you die your soul will burn in hell? Do you have dreams of watching the stock market crash your investments went up and then fell?

Holiday Belly bulge making you fat? What if you grow up lose your mind, not know where you are at?

Does the nightly chaos bother you on the world news? Are you worried of being an alcoholic unable to stay off the booze?

I am here today to tell you my friend, the sun will rise tomorrow and this isn’t the end.

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