The Ins and Outs of Epoxy Flooring Maintenance

Both homeowners and business owners want to see long-term investments to pay off over time. This is why they invest in things like epoxy flooring for their commercial establishments, offices, stores, or homes. This is also the reason why that epoxy flooring maintenance is so crucial. You want it to remain attractive for you or your customers and functional for your employees or your family members.

Epoxy floors Nashville TN are things of beauty and functionality, which explains why they’re so popular. They’re quite valued for their anti-slip and antistatic nature that prevents accidents from happening. However, as they get neglected and dirty, such properties wear off.

How to Take Care of Your Epoxy Floors


  • Mop and Polish: You need to clean your epoxy floors regularly to keep the epoxy coating from getting peeled away, thus making the floors much more slippery and exposed to the elements. You should also avoid blunt-force trauma on the flooring even if they’re made to be tough just to preserve their longevity. Regularly mop and polish the floor clean from dust and grime that can significantly reduce its antistatic properties.
  • Recoating the Floor: You will be required to recoat the floor from time to time. How often should you recoat? It depends on how long the coat of the flooring is holding out. It might even be called for to wax the floor to add that extra protection over its top coat. From there, polish those two layers until they get worn down. Consult a pro for more details on recoating. Grime and grit can scratch layers off of the flooring as well, so sweep up.
  • Extending Flooring Lifetime: The more often you pay attention to the state of the polymer flooring the longer its coat and its anti-slip nature will last. If you’re too busy or can’t be bothered to take care of the floor you can also invest on professionals to do the job for you. They’ll be the ones to polish and clean the floors or assess when recoating is called for. Something so tough shouldn’t be abused by neglect. Kitchen Remodeling is also a project where epoxy floors come into play particularly with kitchens. It’s so easy to keep epoxy floors maintained tha chef’s love them.
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