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that makes a measurable difference in the success of veterans securing employment is our goal. After extensive research into the causes of veteran unemployment, we have developed a program that showcases a high level of success with the placement of veterans into higher paying positions, with a higher retention rate.

Veteran Unemployment Rate (Based on 2015 data from the U.S. Govt.)
Male Veteran Unemployment Rate
Female Unemployment Rate
Veterans 25 years and older with a bachelor's degree or higher
The number of all U.S. employer firms that are majority owned by veterans

The Interactive Employment Program


Interactive Resume

Interview Training


The Core of Our Program

Interactive Resume
"Innovation comes out of great human ingenuity and very personal passions" ~Megan Smith Inte...


Veterans Hired
12 Months Consecutive employment
Our Success Rate
National Avg Success Rate

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Client Testimonials

Michael T. – U.S. Navy

A great tool for veterans and their family. I am proud to have them as one of my tools.

David C. – U.S. Coast Guard

The Welcome Home Group has been a great experience for me. I appreciate the efforts of my Career Coach. The mock interview was one of the best aspects of the program since it provided me with immediate, candid feedback regarding my interview performance.

Lynn B. – Veteran Spouse

The program is outstanding!! The best part is that you are connected to a career coach who reviews and helps you update your resume. The mock interview via Skype teaches you the correct way to respond to those challenging interview questions that lead YOU to getting the position.

Monica W. – U.S. Navy

An absolutely amazing process. I absolutely loved that this process was all technology based, especially communicating with the career coach, who was equally amazing. The convenience of the on-line process has been phenomenal.

Steve P. – U.S. National Guard

Well this program made me realize that there is a lot of potential that I can provide to the job market. Also with having someone there guiding me made it easier for me to find a job and become more prepared for that interview process of any position.

Anthony A. – USMC

It is a group of very kind volunteers who work hard to help Veterans find jobs that are right for them. They help create a great resume, prepare you for the interviews and then provide leads for you. It is a great group helping Veterans without all the nonsense found in other Veteran job programs.

Alexis G. – U.S. Army

This program definitely helped me out in solidifying my resume and getting some one-to-one instruction on interviewing. My career coach was very knowledge and genuinely seemed interested in my success; I appreciate his assistance. This great experience provided me with more confidence

Roberto A. – USMC

I really think this is a great program for veterans coming back. It prepares them for interviews and helps them to start getting out there. You just have to put in the effort to do it. Everybody in the Welcome Home organization was awesome!

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