Eurojackpot hit again: 16.8 million euros go to Denmark

Eurojackpot hit again

A player from Denmark picked the right numbers in the Eurojackpot lottery and won 16,818,418 euros in last Friday’s draw. This was reported by WestLotto in a press release on Monday. So far there is no information about the winner. Most of the time it is preferred this way. The people do not want to lose their privacy or be the target of criminals to steal their money. Also it may change the dynamic of an entire family. Also, the behavior of friends can change due to this huge amount of cash. There is almost nothing that can change people this easily than money. What is sad and understandable at the same time.

At the same time, the most recent payout in prize class 1 was only a week ago. A Polish lottery player had cleared a prize of 45.6 million euros in the Friday draw on August 12. This was the highest payout ever won by a player from Poland.

Players from Denmark seem to have a particularly lucky hand with the Eurojackpot. The highest Eurojackpot win of 120 million euros also went to Denmark in July 2022.

High wins in Germany, too. Even though the main prize went to Denmark this time, German players were still able to clear six-figure amounts in the second and third prize categories.

Four players from North Rhine-Westphalia, Berlin, Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg each received a payout of 407,211 euros in prize category 2. Six players from Saxony, Berlin, Spain, Norway, and Hungary each received €153,098.70 in prize category 3.

Lotto records were also set in Germany. In May 2022, a player from North Rhine-Westphalia won 110 million euros in the Eurojackpot lottery. The classic ‘6 aus 49’ lottery also paid out a record prize this year. A player from Hesse collected the highest possible payout of 45 million euros in April this year.

Highest lottery winnings in the UK and the USA

Highest lottery winnings

However, there have been far higher lottery winnings in Europe. A player from the UK won an incredible 230 million euros in the EuroMillions last July. It seems they have been very lucky. Now it is time to think about what to do with this. 

The highest lottery win of all time was distributed in the USA

The highest lottery win

However, the US Powerball lottery is likely to beat European lottery winnings by a long shot. In 2016, players from Tennessee, California, and Florida won USD 1.6 billion. The highest individual prize of USD 1.537 billion went to a tipster from South Carolina in 2018.

Today, Tuesday, there is already the next chance to win a jackpot. The Eurojackpot starts with 10 million euros. Who will be this time that lucky to receive this amount of money? 

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